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How to Buy Twitter Followers the Right Way: 7 Things to Know

Written by Bradley Henris ·

According to Twitter’s 2021 letter to shareholders, the social media site has nearly 199 million daily active users. This social media platform offers you the chance to get thousands of eyes focused on your company.

If you’re struggling to grow a page, buying Twitter followers (subscribers) can seem like an easy solution. However, there’s more to buying Twitter followers than meets the eye. We delve into seven factors that will help you buy Twitter followers the right way. Read on and keep your account safe while watching the online presence getting stronger and avoiding buying fake subscribers.

Why Should You Buy Twitter Followers In The First Place?

The number of social signals is more than a testament to how funny the Tweets are. Twitter is a cornerstone in any solid social media marketing strategy. Having many fans show the reputation of your business, helps you find the target audience and gets your brand seen across other social media platforms. This is an excellent way to develop overall social media networks. Here are some of the methods established companies use their follower count to grow their reputation on the platform:

  1. Interacting with influencers. If you have a big fan-base, it’s more likely to catch the eye of social media influencers. Collaborating with influencers is a great way to extend your reach — but you can’t do it without an audience to collaborate with. Twitter users with big numbers can help their clients by offering them exposure in return for promotion, but you need to grow your profile before you can do this.
  2. Conducting market research.Twitter’s poll feature makes market research more accessible than ever. Simply tweet out a poll asking the subscribers their thoughts on the services you offer. The wider target audience you have, the more accurate the market research will be.
  3. Getting the edge on your competitors. With many companies seeking growth on Twitter, your fan-base is key to getting ahead of the competition. Having many social signals than the competitors allow you to lead in your marketing niche, and promote your brand to a broader target audience.
  4. Attracting new subscribers. Users are far more attracted to well-known brands than they are to dormant ones. Twitter users and potential clients checking out your page are more likely to hit the ‘follow’ button if it is popular. This is known as the ‘snowball’ effect and is how popular pages and content are born. This will help to gain real Twitter followers almost asap.

If you buy Twitter followers, you’ll kickstart the company’s organic growth. This means that, as you get more Twitter followers, your business will start to see the rewards of a high follower account sooner while still helping you gain real followers in the future.

Real vs. Fake Twitter Followers

Companies are often put off the idea of buying ‘fake’ Twitter followers. Poor-quality accounts are easy to spot and often hinder your page more than they help it. With an increasing awareness of counterfeit subscribers, most users will know what to look for when spotting low-quality phony growth. This can kill off any new fans who might assume your account has no genuine interactions to offer. In other words, buying fake followers can harm the company. However, if you make a purchase from a high-quality service, you’re making an investment that will allow your Twitter account to grow organically well into the future.

Fake Subscribers Look Like:

Real fans look like:

  1. Authentic profiles. A quick scroll through a subscribers list will show if an account has real or fake followers. A fake followers list will reveal multiple accounts which appear ‘empty’. They might have no profile picture, an unclear name, and no follower activity. Real fans will have a verifiable history of their own. This is far more useful to you, as you can conduct more detailed audience research and target your value.
  2. Likes and Retweets.Authentic, high-quality pages will interact with and help promote your page. Genuine fans can be seen in forms of interaction like Retweets, Likes, and Comments. Alternative methods of follower interaction give your company a more comprehensive range of responses to analyze. Furthermore, actions such as Retweets and Likes actively promote your profile, helping the fan-base increase organically. An active user who likes and comments adds far more value than one who will never engage in your content.
  3. Sustained future growth. Passive, low-quality social signals will do little to promote the company into the future. On the other hand, developing or purchasing an engaged Twitter audience will create added support for business. Real fans will attract new attention, which the website will promote with further growth.

What Does Organic Twitter Growth Look Like?

The term ‘organic growth’ refers to pages that grow through authentic interaction with real followers. Twitter, like all social media accounts, is a website that encourages big numbers. Time spent on the app will be rewarded, as well as any actions have taken while online. The platform rewards your engagements by connecting relevant people to your tweets. Categories that link accounts include:

  1. Location. If you have the location on when using the platform, tweet or play with location-specific material, many fans will pay attention to you and your website. You may be recommended followers who live in the same city, district, or country as you. Language also plays a role in this, so if you want to build an international follower count, start interacting with accounts from different countries.
  2. Follower overlap. A prominent factor when considering who you’re being suggested to is your follower overlap. ‘Follower overlap’ refers to the number of fans you share with another account. These shared followers are called ‘mutuals.’ Twitter uses the mutuals to find patterns of interest between you and subscribers. This is why a targeted, organic growth service is a beneficial option. Targeting the subscribers ensures that the account will be seen by other relevant users, encouraging future growth. Moreover, you’ll be able to tweet more interesting stories for your fans.
  3. Frequency of Tweets. Twitter is far more likely to promote active users, so tweeting frequently and consistently makes you more likely to be suggested to newsubscribers. As part of your strategy, allocate time for tweeting relevant content every day. This will encourage the Twitter algorithm to promote your account to potential audience members.
  4. Mutual external contacts. Finally, Twitter decides who sees the account based on any external contacts you choose to upload. This includes details like your business email, telephone, and LinkedIn profile. Users who also have their personal information, and pay attention to you outside of the app, are noted as mutual external contacts. Twitter matches these to link your account with customers who’ve engaged with you elsewhere.

Our Three Favorite Sites To Buy Twitter Followers

When choosing which site to get Twitter followers from, — conduct thorough market research. You want a service that will give your business credibility and promote future growth. Buying high-quality social signals isn’t a one-time deal, especially if you want to reach a target audience that will engage with the content, retweet the tweets and support your website. Instead, the subscriber purchase should stimulate more growth, as new accounts are attracted to your popularity. These are our favorite sites to buy Twitter followers safely:

  1. SocialBoss. Buying Twitter followers can be a risky game, but SocialBoss makes it easy. SocialBoss’ Twitter growth suggestions offer your business a reliable way to get more followers, as well as make your online presence on social media networks stronger. SocialBoss gives solutions for users looking to increase their Retweet and Like count. Alternatively, SocialBoss offers ‘Targeted Twitter Followers’, enabling customers to grow a relevant, location-specific audience. They also provide a moneyback guarantee, promising 100% customer satisfaction. SocialBoss
  2. Social-Viral. Social-Viral’s services are another excellent option for businesses looking to grow their fans. Although it offers fewer packs than Social Boss, Social-Viral helps its users through its support team. Social-Viral also allows its customers to purchase Twitter likes and retweets, which is ideal for businesses with a high following but low engagement.
  3. Media Mister.Media Mister offers a comprehensive range of solutions. These include Twitter Impressions and Poll votes, alongside a range of packs. It also boasts low price ranges, suitable for smaller start-up businesses looking to save their budget.

SocialBoss, Social-Viral, and Media Mister are three of the best places where to can get real users to make the engagements better. If your business is looking for organic growth, cheap likes, comments, and Twitter followers, do the research. Indiscriminately buying followers from low-quality sites will damage the business reputation and cause you to lose long-term profit. Look for pages with positive customer reviews from real users and browse the pros and cons of each before purchasing. Your choice should be invested in online success, with experience handling a range of different-sized businesses.

Which Twitter Follower Packages Are Proper For You?

So, you’ve decided to buy some high-quality Twitter followers. How do you know which follower package is right for your business?

Twitter’s advanced targeting automatically flags accounts with suspicious growth activity. Furthermore, fake accounts have risen in popularity over the last few years, so Twitter’s algorithm is on the alert. To keep your account safe, opt for a lower, naturally delivered organic Twitter growth service. Companies like Social Boss offer a drip-fed delivery. ‘Drip-fed’ or ‘natural’ follower deliveries, as the name suggests, deliver the fans a few at a time, rather than dumping them all on your page and causing a noticeable spike in the analytics. This ensures that bots won’t flag up the account, helping your growth stay unrecognized while keeping the budget.

Don’t Get Greedy

A successful follower purchase can be exciting. Your audience is targeted, you see more interaction, and your business’ Twitter page is on the way to success. Take stock of success before you move on to a new purchase. Make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself, choosing carefully when ordering fans next. It can be worth waiting a few months before the next purchase to ensure your account stays safe.

At the same time, don’t aim for considerable spikes in follower growth each time you purchase followers. Twitter recognizes huge jumps much faster than it does a natural increase. In general, never aim for more than a ten percent increase in your subscribers. It can be tempting to watch the account jump from 1000 to 10,000 followers, but the efforts are likely to be in vain. All that time and money will go to waste if your page is flagged and taken down. Once your account is removed from the site, it can be difficult or impossible to get it back up. This is especially true if you’ve left strong evidence of purchased followers.

An excellent way to limit purchases is by setting reasonable targets for your business. This ensures that you gain numbers in a natural way that blends seamlessly into the Twitter algorithm. This also makes your online presence more satisfying, hard-earned process that gives you time to build real and active followers instead of inactive, fake ones. A good question to ask yourself is this: without followers, how soon would your Twitter account reach the next follower milestone.

Once you’ve determined your natural growth rate, you can work out how to integrate a follower package as smoothly as possible.

For example…

Imagine your business had 1,300 fans. The next prominent milestone for your company is to reach 1,500. Looking at the analytics, imagine it would take you another four months to get 1,500 followers. To speed up your follower growth naturally, purchase a follower package of 100 followers a few days before you’re due to hit 1,500. This way, you’ll speed up the development enough to hit a milestone but not enough to cause suspicion and risk your account being terminated.

Should You Buy Other Social Signals?

When looking to buy real Twitter followers, there is a range of strategies to consider. Many websites offer services to increase your Likes, Polls, and Impressions on Twitter. The content of paid service providers can feel overwhelming. The best way to make a good choice for is to look at analytics. What are the areas in which your profile needs to get more engagement?

Once you’ve identified weak points, think about how a growth package could be integrated into your social media strategy as smoothly as possible. Tailoring your growth to suit the business’ needs is always a good idea but take care not to get carried away and risk the account being flagged.

How To Buy Twitter Followers?

What does the process look like when buying Twitter followers? Offers of fake social signals are typically much cheaper. As we’ve seen, however, these fans will do nothing to support your page in long-term. Instead, buy real Twitter followers that are part of a sustained, organic growth service. Unlike cheap follower packages, real accounts are likely to be more expensive.

Buying Twitter Followers: The Process

The most important thing when using Twitter follower growth services is to keep the profile safe. This is another crucial reason why you should do your research carefully before you actually buy real Twitter followers. Avoid providers that show any of the following red flags:

Once you’ve found a platform you trust, decide which growth package is best for you. Most sites offer a range of options, and you can even choose to combine different services to tailor growth to your target audience. There will also be other price points available for various services, although cheap followers can often be unreliable and have no value, especially if you want to get a high engagement on each tweet. Consider factors such as:

Select the package you want and purchase. For added safety, consider paying through a method such as PayPal to avoid your credit card deals from being compromised.

The best companies will deliver real fans naturally. The next few days after buying Twitter followers, stay active to watch the results come in. The ordered social signals should soon boost your page, and you’ll start to see an increase in real and active follower engagement.

Summary: How To Buy Twitter Followers The Right Way

Twitter followers can help your brand in a multitude of ways. They will boost engagement, encourage the growth rate, and lend your online reputation. Take advantage of the benefits of a high follower account, but tread carefully. Buy Twitter followers only from sites you know are trustworthy. Look for evidence that the package you go with offers real subscribers and keeps your business safe by looking for services with a 100% money-back guarantee. Investing in social signals can seriously benefit your strategy, but make sure you pick services carefully.

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