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Igor Šarčević — @shiroyasha

My name is Igor, but many people know me by my handle @shiroyasha. I’m a software engineer, working at Rendered Text, the company that creates SemaphoreCI, the leading continuous delivery platform focused on speed and simplicity.

I enjoy everything that is connected to shipping and maintaining a great product. Writing code, setting up the infrastructure, promoting the product, giving technical talks, drawing, writing, teaching, doing customer support… I enjoy every part and every role.


I am most skilled with writing Rails based software by following BDD principles, but I have developed solid skills in other areas as well. Instead of sharing a list of technologies, I’ll share the list of major features that I implemented on Semaphore.

Personal Life

I was raised in a small town in Serbia, but I didn’t know Serbian until I turned eight years old. Until then I only spoke my mother tongue — Hungarian. Raised in dual language environment sparked my love for languages, and currently I speak four: English, Hungarian, Serbian and Japanese.

Japanese is probably the most outstanding on the list, a language which I started learning while watching anime and reading manga, but continued with dedicated Japanese classes at the first year of university.

I always enjoyed doing martial arts. It is the best way to learn discipline and to gain the necessary mental toughness to handle hard kicks that life can sometimes serve you. I was involved with some kind of martial arts from when I was only five years old, but I only took martial arts more seriously when I turned twenty.

I started with karate, but I slowly transitioned to Ninjutsu, and tried out various others like Kendo and Aikido.

Besides martial arts, I also enjoy hiking, jogging and swimming.

How can you contact me?

I enjoy dark, locally brewed beer. If you are from Novi Sad feel free to invite me to one of our local places for a pint or two.

You can also find me on: